iink™ is the smart solution for homeowners, contractors, and public adjusters processing insurance claims.



  • Automated, online package preparation
  • eSign and online notary (where available)
  • Licensed adjuster review and verification
  • Depreciation and supplement filing
  • Mortgage endorsement servicing
  • Industry experts processing your claims
  • Chat support right at your fingertips


  • User-friendly claims process for all parties
  • Spend less time “chasing money”
  • Be more efficient, effective, and productive
  • Webmerge, DocuSign, and FedEx Express included
  • Improved final billing and accounts receivable
  • Reduce overhead and resources
  • iink™ keeps everyone plugged in to the claim

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Claim Entered

Insurance check photo, adjuster’s report, and claim details uploaded to iink™ system through our user-friendly web or mobile interface.

Claim Check Sent

Endorsement instructions and shipping labels are provided by iink™ for mailing the check to the mortgage company.

Document Review

iink™ licensed insurance adjuster network reviews all info and docs for accuracy, completion, and potential supplements.

Funds Disbursed

Package review completed and funds are disbursed by mortgage company with expedited return to homeowner and/or contractor.

Document Signatures

iink™ emails the auto-filled endorsement package to all payees for authorization and DocuSign e-signatures.

Final Billing Completed

When the contractor finishes the repairs, iink™ files for recoverable depreciation and notifies mortgage company for any final inspections.

Package Submission

Completed endorsement package is submitted for mortgage company review and iink™ handles all the follow up with them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With iink™, everyone can rest assured that their insurance proceed processing will be completed quickly and efficiently.



  • iink™ Portal
  • iink™ Adjuster Network
  • iink™ Admin
  • Mortgage Endorsement Servicing
  • Live Chat Support
  • Express Postage
  • Email Notifications
Register w/ iink™ CERTIFIED

iink™ Portal

Access your registered claims to review, add, or edit the information and documents. You’ll also be able to keep track of the claim status.

iink™ Adjuster Network

Who better to be reviewing and preparing your insurance claim documents than a state-licensed insurance adjuster? Rest assured, your claim processing is in good hands.

iink™ Admin

No more waiting for paperwork to come in the mail and chasing down signatures. We’ve got you covered with Webmerge, DocuSign, and online notary (where available).

Mortgage Endorsement Servicing

Let our mortgage expertise serve your claim check endorsement needs with follow ups, exception requests, and expediting protocols. Sit back and leave it to us.

Everything Else

Live chat and toll-free support available (almost always), express postage provided for mailing the claim check, and email notifications to keep everyone updated. Plug-in to iink™ today!


  • iink™ Portal
  • iink™ Adjuster Network
  • iink™ Admin
  • Mortgage Endorsement Servicing
  • Live Chat Support
  • Express Postage
  • Email Notifications
  • iink™ Contractor Agreement
  • iink™ Virtual eAssistant
  • iink™ Final Billing
Register w/ iink™ PROFESSIONAL

iink™ Contractor Agreement

Have your contractor agreement merged with our mobile-friendly user interface so your customer can sign with their finger right on your device. The executed agreement is immediately sent to all parties including your office, the homeowner, insurance carrier or public adjuster.

iink™ Virtual eAssistant

iink™ will keep homeowners and employees engaged with automated text and email prompts. We’ll also request updates from the insurance carrier and relay any claim correspondence between all parties. Virtual eAssistant keeps everyone connected and on the same page.

iink™ Final Billing

Don’t just send the bill...maximize your invoicing the iink™ way to make sure you get paid every penny. With comprehensive insurance carrier Final Billing, you'll never have to worry about being properly compensated for a job well done.

iink™ CERTIFIED Features

PROFESSIONAL users get all the perks included with the iink™ CERTIFIED service. If any new features are added to your existing service while you're a registered user they won't cost you extra.

As soon as the insurance claim is filed, and you have an executed contractor agreement to perform repairs to the subject property, you can register the claim with iink™. We’ll assign a licensed adjuster as your company’s appraiser to follow up on the claim with the insurance company, if necessary. From start, to finish, iink™ is a full-service insurance claim and endorsement processing solution.
iink™ was designed by insurance and mortgage experts to provide an efficient, accurate, secure, and affordable solution to the usually lengthy and mishandled insurance check endorsement process. iink™ gives you access to a network of licensed insurance adjusters who will help prepare, review and submit your endorsement package to your mortgage company. In addition, we leverage our mortgage expertise and resources to ensure professional and proper handling of your insurance proceeds. Finally, our system’s technology is designed to be 100% user-friendly and secure.
Although iink™ was designed with speed and efficiency in mind, there are variables outside of our control (like other companies and their varying policies/procedures) which prevent us from saying exactly how long your claim review and/or endorsement will take. Rest assured, we will always provide updates throughout the process and work to secure results as quickly as we can for you.
With iink™, you’ll be able to save time, money, and resources when using our services to process your customers’ insurance claim proceeds. Let us “chase the money” for you…giving you, and your employees, more time to focus on important things like project management, new sales, or customer service. You also won’t have to pay postage anymore for endorsement packages as it is included with the iink™ service. Stop waiting months to get paid on a job you already finished!
Absolutely! That’s part of the reason we do what we do. The iink™ platform was designed to be like “insurance in a box” for contractors that aren’t currently engaged in insurance claim work or simply do not want to handle it on their own anymore. Our experts are now your experts!
Any authorized party to the insurance claim, that has access to the internet, can register a claim with iink™. All required information must be provided during registration but you can save and return if necessary. Ultimately, an endorsement package will not be complete or submitted without signatures and approval from all payees/authorized parties besides the mortgage company.
iink™ offers discounts for any individual claims over $40,000. The applicable service rate (1.75% or 2.5%) will apply up to $40,000. Any amount over $40,000 will be processed at a rate of 0.25%. There are currently no discounts offered for any cumulative amount of individual claims.

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